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We Now Sell Santa and Snowman Tin Gift Box Smoking Cessation Toothpick Kit

We Now Sell Santa and Snowman Tin Gift Box Smoking Cessation Toothpick Kit For The Holidays.

This is the perfect gift from our collection to your special someone.

We have picked the perfect candies and flavored toothpicks to carry around in your pocket at all times. Especially if your trying to quit. 

This gift box will come shipped in and ready to go right out of the box.

This gift includes:
(1) Ultimate 5 Pack Sampler of Toothpicks in Reusable Tubes
(1) Bag contains 6 pieces of Cinnamon Swirls Hard Candy 
(1) Bag contains 6 pieces of Peppermint Swirls Hard Candy
(1) Bag contains 6 pieces of Spearmint Swirls Hard Candy
(1) Bag contains 6 Packs of TicTac 4 qty Pocket Pack
(1) Holiday tin with Happy The Snowman and Santa printed on it
(1) We will include decorative bell and little ornaments as holiday decorations to your box along with red stuffing underlayment to add character and a special touch.

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Most important thing of all is that everything we do here is done with love and dedication and built in house from our staff. 
This item is sent assembled and includes packing. Ready to give as a gift option.

Tins can be reused for many different uses and usually dont end up filling up landfills.

Product show in photo is what recipient will receive.

What we provide different is that we we provide smaller gifts and gift boxes compared to other companies selling more expensive gift baskets with high priced items.

We sell gift boxes for Birthdays, Simple Thank You, Get Well Soon, Hint to Quit, Christmas Gifts, Holiday Gifts, I am Sorry Gift, Valentines, 4th of July, For Smokey Bars or Parties, etc.

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Stocking Stuffer 5 Pack of Tubes cinnamon cinnamint eucalyptus sprmnppmnt wintergreen tubes



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