5 Flavored Toothpick Ultimate Sampler Pack Small Tubes

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5 Flavored Toothpick Ultimate Sampler Pack Small Tubes
We don't blame you if you can't decide which flavor to try.
So we're giving you the option to try them all!

With each count you will receive: 


5 Flavored Toothpick Ultimate Sampler Pack Small Tubes
We don't blame you if you can't decide which flavor to try.
So we're giving you the option to try them all!

With each count you will receive: 

(1) Tube of Cinnamon Toothpicks 
(1) Tube of Cinnamint Toothpicks
(1) Tube of Eucalyptus/Cinnamon Toothpicks
(1) Tube of Spearmint/Peppermint Toothpicks
(1) Tube of Wintergreen/Cinnamon Toothpicks
(5) Reusable Tubes w/ caps (1) for each flavor.

*Each tube holds 12 Flavored Toothpicks.
Each order shipped with approx. 60 total toothpicks.

We originally manufactured these amazing gourmet wood flavored toothpicks for candy lovers.

Smokers quickly caught on that our Flavasticks help with oral fixation and stopping the urges of analog cancer sticks.

These Picks Last for Hours and Freshen Breath Immediately.

The convenient aid to help you quit smoking

We can help you to quit smoking with our quit smoking aids. Stay healthy by chewing on one of our flavored toothpicks which have been designed to keep your mouth and hands occupied, without harmful toxins. Being natural and calorie free, they won’t affect your waistline, nor will they make you pile on the pounds.

Made by our secret family process, they come lip searing and roaring with flavor. They are the perfect anti-smoking aid for you to curb your cravings.

Never suffer from bad breath again

If you are concerned that you suffer from bad breath, or if you are self-conscious after eating then take advantage of one of our flavored toothpicks. They freshen breath immediately and are perfect to keep close. Avoid nasty breath smells and embarrassment. Ideal for use after spicy food, fish, onions but also great for covering up alcohol smells and tobacco smells too.

Perfect for parties and events

If you’re struggling to come up with a solution for a party favor or wedding gift then treat your guests to our flavored toothpick jars. Great for adults, they are a useful, practical and quality gift that everyone will love.

Alternatively use them as corporate gifts, thank you gifts, for birthday and anniversary presents, keep some on hand at poker parties, nightclubs and in restaurants and cafes too.

BUY NOW so we can aid you while you work on quitting smoking with our flavorful toothpicks.

ZERO CALORIE STOP SMOKING AIDS–smoking cessation toothpicks are completely calorie and carbohydrate free and contain zero sugar to ensure you don’t pile on the pounds. Made from the best birch wood and flavored with natural ingredients, enjoy our hot, sweet and spicy flavors as the perfect distraction from smoking

HEALTHY AND NATURAL FLAVORED TOOTHPICKS–chew on Flavasticks as a healthy, alternative to gum, candy and as an aid in helping to quit smoking. They keep your mouth active in a much healthier way than smoking. Try and quit smoking today with our natural flavored toothpicks, the ultimate quitting aid

MADE IN THE USA–we are a family owned and operated company based in the USA. Our toothpick is only made in the USA, the old-fashioned way. We guarantee you high-quality toothpicks with powerful flavors for complete peace of mind to aid you on your smoke free journey

POWERFUL BREATH FRESHENERS–not many other products can say they freshen breath immediately! If you suffer from halitosis or worry about bad breath after eating garlic, spices, onion and other strong foods and drinks then Flavasticks will not only work straight away, but our sticks last for hours to ensure your breath stays fresh for as long as possible

CONVENIENT PACKAGING– Flavasticks toothpicks are provided in a reusable lidded jar to ensure they remain fresh. In addition to your jar, we also include a waterproof capped tube, so you can keep 12 toothpicks handy in your pocket, purse, office draw or glove compartment. When bad breath hits, just reach for a Flavastick

Our Toothpicks are Sugar Free Candy and World Famous


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